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General questions

What is a Tender?

A tender is a process by which institutions invite bids from suppliers of goods and services for procurement purposes. The bids must be submitted within a stipulated time, and must not be viewed by the procuring entity until the tendering process ends the process is expected to be conducted in a fair and transparent manner. A tender is meant to be an equitable system whereby the best offer is identified according to price, performance criteria and procurement policies and this can be done through Tendersure.

How do I make a payment?

A payment can be made online during your registration process through the payment portal, PesaPal. The payment options appear once you click on register. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully before submitting your payment.



How do I register for a tender on Tendersure?

To register for a tender, go to our website, which is, www.tendersure.co.ke and click on ‘Available Tenders’ where you will be able to see the tender advert. Click on the tender advert and you will be able to see a registration form which you will use to register.

How do I access the tender documents after successful registration?

Once you are registered for a tender and your payment has been processed, you will receive an email from Tendersure containing your log- in credentials and the step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to access your particular tender. Access is via the internet, so please ensure that you have ready access to the internet. Since Tendersure is an online system which is used to manage tenders, whatever documents a tender might be associated with will be accessible once you have gained access to the online tender. At no instance should you expect to handle manual documents during a Tendersure process.


Bidding Process

Why am I being asked to complete all fields when I try to login?

The log in page has two (2) fields that must be correctly filled in for you to access your tender. These are the username and password. Please ensure that you have typed in your username and password correctly and that you have not copied and pasted your username and password.

I get an error when I try to save the information on the system, what do I do?

Errors are typically generated during the saving process because symbols and not alphanumeric characters have been used when completing the various fields of the tender. Please avoid using these symbols: / % $ & while filling the sections on the system. For example, if you have used the symbol ‘%’ you need to replace that with the word ‘percent’. Likewise, refrain from using ‘&’ and instead use ‘and’, etc.

How do I view or delete documents that I have uploaded?

Tendersure system does not allow deletion of documents that have been uploaded but it only allows you to view. In order to view the documents, login to the system and on your top right just below the support numbers, there are two arrows pointing to the left. Click on them to view a list of documents that you have uploaded. A document uploaded in error can be replaced by you uploading the correct document in the same field in the relevant section. The newly uploaded document supersedes the one that you are wanting to replace.

After clicking on send bid confirmation, what next?

Once you click on “Send Bid Confirmation” Tendersure will automatically send you a summarized report of your bid. Your bid summary can be accessed at any time during the bidding process. If your bid has been submitted in an incomplete manner, the summary report will indicate those sections or items that require completion. The summary shows you the information you have entered in response to the bid. Please go through it to ensure that you have provided all the information needed and is correct.


• Automated evaluation
• Save space
• Save time
• Save trees
• Procure quickly
• Wide geographical reach

• Transparent process
• Eliminate corruption
• Secure audit trail
• International credibility
• Level playing field
• Enhance integrity

• Competitive bids
• Save Opex
• Save Capex
• Saves on printing, labour and admin costs