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Bidders Process




Benefits to Bidders

  •  - Provides audit trail
  •  - Bidders are reminded of cut off dates and incomplete tenders
  •  - Bidders can modify or correct their bids with ease
  •  - Mistakes reduced and quality assured
  •  - Paper and storage reduced (Going Green)
  •  - Efficient and transparent bidding process
  •  - The bids can only be viewed by the bidder until the tender closes
  •  - Transmission of bids is electronic so no printing or traffic jams
  •  - Feedback on results to bidders is automated






The Fight Against Corruption (TFAC South Africa) said:  

  •  - Tendersure is the “next generation of eProcurement
  •  - Regards Tendersure as a quick and easy to deploy
  •  - Encourages green economy because its paperless
  •  - The security and transparency makes it very difficult for corruption
  •  - Ranking is done autonomously, objectively and consistently without bias

PwC Report for the EU Government

  •  - Recognized Tendersure as a 'World Best Practice’ solution