Tendersure™ is an award winning supplier sourcing solution that was developed in 2005 in South Africa. Tendersure™ is offered by Tendersure Africa LTD. Tendersure™ automates competitive supplier sourcing and identification process activities like prequalification of suppliers, request for quotations, tenders, eAuctions and Expressions of Interest (EOI) among others. Bidders/suppliers are required to submit all their information online against a customized set of evaluation criteria. Tendersure™ automates the evaluation, scoring and ranking of these submissions and issues results through system-generated reports. 

Due to automation, Tendersure™ provides advantages and benefits that include transparency, integrity and efficiency in the entire supplier sourcing process. Tendersure™ also achieve savings of between 5% and 40% on procurement spend when used to request for quotations for supplier prices.

The Next Generation of Supplier Sourcing

Tendersure™ has over 15 years’ experience gained from managing supplier sourcing in Africa. Tendersure™ has been used by many organizations to their satisfaction including Banks, NGOs, and large corporates across many industries in both public and private sectors. Tendersure™ also has commendations from the EU, Transparency International, Digital Excellence Awards among other awards.

A Cloud Based Supplier Sourcing Solution

Promoting good governance,transparency and integrity in the procurement process.